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When it comes to wedding videos, we believe in providing you with an easy to follow and simple approach to making your booking.  Planning a wedding is a long and complex process, so why should we add to this by offering you complex pricing structures and options?  Many companies do this by offering different packages and possibilities and once you have compared three or four different options from different people it all becomes rather confusing.

With us, you can be assured of a professional product from start to finish without this added hassle.

All of our wedding videos are produced using two broadcast quality digital cameras to minimise the risk of missing anything important, and then sympathetically edited on computer to produce a slick high-quality and most importantly, watchable end result.

We can even supply a female camera operator if you wish to film a shy bride's preparations!

Below are our prices.  We offer one basic package which covers all the main parts of your day, with additional bolt-on options if you want to expand your coverage.  Follow these prices and you'll find it easy to come to a total amount.

The main package:
Arrival of guests at the venue
General pre-ceremony footage at the venue
Bridal procession and ceremony (subject to permission)
Signing of the register
Leaving the venue
Photo call at the venue

Editing and production of the final video/DVD
Three complimentary copies of the final video/DVD

Total cost of the main package:  450.00

(Please note that depending on the types of music that you may use in your ceremony a music licence may be required.  The price for this is variable and we will tell you in advance what you need for this - usually around 50. We bill for this at cost - there are no hidden profits made)

You can also choose to add the following extras to your package:

Bridal preparations:  75.00
Short montage before the meal:  50.00
Cutting of the cake:  20.00
Speeches:  75.00
First dance:  50.00
Evening coverage up to 11pm:  200.00

Further copies of the final video/DVD can be ordered using the pricing guide in the duplication section of this website.

Price includes travel with the Devon/Cornwall region.  Travel outside of this area may be applied to the final price.

What to do now:

Telephone or email (see top of page) or complete our one-stop form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.




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