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Most people have a large collection of old family photos taken over the years.  Over time, these photos can become bent, faded and generally tatty looking.

Why not preserve these memories by having your old photos transferred to CD or DVD to archive, or copy to friends and family?

Many companies offer this service, but have minimum requirements.  You could end up paying over the odds for having a small number of images transferred because they bill for a minimum number.

As with all of our services, pricing is straightforward.

We charge 50p per image regardless of size or shape.  Each image will be scanned at high resolution, correctly oriented and saved to CD.  Unlike many other people we also offer an additional choice here too.  We will save two copies of your image to the CD - one high quality for you to archive or print, and a lower resolution version suitable for emailing to friends or family or putting on the internet.  There is no additional charge for this service.

We also offer a document scanning service for archiving all your old paperwork and correspondence.  Please check our print and publishing services section for more details.

What to do now:

Please telephone, email or complete our contact form and we will arrange to receive your photos, documents or other papers.




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